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890 Oroville Dam Rd. – Oroville

Oroville Pictures - System Location 008

The site when E2C took over remedial actions in 2006

In 1996, a release was reported at the site. Six borings were advanced to collect soil and groundwater samples. In 1998, eleven soil samples were collected during piping upgrades. Minor concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons were detected in the subsurface.

From 1998 to 2005, a total of ten monitoring wells were installed to characterize contamination. The maximum concentrations of petroleum constituents in groundwater samples collected was, 87,000 ug/L total petroleum hydrocarbons gasoline (TPHg), 4,000 ug/L benzene, 3,100 ug/L toluene, 1,900 ug/L ethylbenzene, 8,100 ug/L xylenes and 21,000 ug/L methyl tert butyl ether (MTBE).

In early 2006, E2C was chosen as the consultant to take over remedial actions at the site. In April 2006, batch high vapor extraction events were conducted twice monthly until petroleum concentrations were negligible. A total of 11 ,818 gallons of water was extracted. E2C estimates over 2,100 pounds of hydrocarbons were destroyed at the site.  In May 2010, the State Water Board a No Further Action Required to the client, and all remedial actions at the site were finished.