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5073 Olivehurst Avenue – Olivehurst

5076 Powerline Rd - Google Maps

A Rite Aid now occupies the site

This site was formerly occupied by a retail tire store and fueling station. In July of 2000, three underground storage tanks (USTs) were removed from the site. Soil samples from beneath the tanks contained relatively low concentrations of petroleum constituents and lead. In November 2003, four monitoring wells and two soil borings were installed at the site. No contaminants were detected in any of the eighteen soil samples analyzed, but low concentrations of toluene and MTBE were detected in water samples at this time. Groundwater monitoring began at the site in December 2003 until May 2009.  Throughout the monitoring period, low to moderate levels of  petroleum constituents were detected in groundwater samples.

In June 2009, an investigation was conducted to evaluate the potential for vapor contaminant intrusion. Nine temporary vapor wells were installed on site to collect vapor samples. Low concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons and other constituents were detected in the vapor samples; however, the concentrations were below the lowest environmental screening levels.  MTBE and ethyl-benzene were the only potential carcinogenic constituents,  but a computer model was used to determine that the risk level was well below the target threshold.  As a result of the ongoing monitoring and soil-vapor investigation, the State Water Board declared the residual petroleum constituents on site posed no or minimal risk to human health.

Due in part to the work performed by E2C, it was possible for future development to occur at the site of the former fueling station.  Currently, a Rite Aid supermarket occupies the site.