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400 South Auburn Street – Colfax

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The site as it appeared in 2005 when E2C began consulting

Currently the site is an active retail fueling station. Between 1995 and 2004, several investigations had taken place at the site in response to an unauthorized release of petroleum hydrocarbons.  The focus of these investigations was to determine the lateral extent of petroleum hydrocarbon and MTBE impacts to the soil and groundwater beneath the site. Quarterly groundwater monitoring had been ongoing at the site between 200 and 2004.  E2C was selected to provide consulting services at the site in 2004, and in 2005 installed a remediation system.  The remediation system consisted of three air sparge wells and two vapor extraction wells. After several communications with the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) and a system pilot test, the remediation system was brought online during the summer of 2007. This system was operated through early 2011 when it was shut down due to decreasing recovery rates.  In 2010 the RWQCB directed E2C to conduct a soil vapor survey in order to assess residual hydrocarbon concentrations in shallow soil and gas beneath the site. The RWQCB deemed that no further remedial action would be required at the site in September 2014 due to the low levels of contamination remaining in the subsurface soil and groundwater. It was determined that the remedial system was successful in removing over 68,000 pounds of petroleum fuel products from the subsurface. Calculations showed that any residual contamination under the site would naturally attenuate by 2024.