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320 G Street – Lincoln

E2C Remediation Project 3This site has been home to an active gas station since 1971.  In 1989, a former car wash and office on the site were replaced with a convenience store and 2 new dispenser islands.  During this construction, old petroleum product lines were also replaced, and as part of the replacement process, significant contamination was discovered.  For example, in 1990, when monitoring wells were installed, floating liquid hydrocarbons (i.e., free product) were discovered in the wells.

In December 2004, E2C took over the remediation.  In April 2005, E2C replaced the existing remediation system with a larger, more efficient remediation system.

In June 2010, E2C was able to shut down the remediation system based on the dramatically reduced concentrations in the vapor.  In December 2010, E2C conducted a shallow soil vapor survey, and no fuel hydrocarbon concentrations were reported as detectable.

In June 2011, in response to the soil vapor survey results, the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board requested verification groundwater monitoring, and if the results were fine, a request for closure could be filed.

The results of the verification groundwater monitoring were appropriate, and E2C filed a No Further Action Request in April 2012.  The Water Board granted the request, and following the 60 day public notice period, in February 2013, requested destruction of all wells on site.

Following all well destruction, the Water Board issued a No Further Action letter in July 2013.  In the letter, it was noted that 80,300 pounds (12,850 gallons) of petroleum had been removed from the site as a result of free product removal, vapor extraction, and natural attenuation.