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300 S. Canyon Way – Colfax


The charming town of Colfax

The site is currently an active retail fuel station with an operating underground storage tank (UST) system. In February 1996, six soil borings were advanced and soil samples taken.  It was determined there had been an unauthorized release of petroleum hydrocarbons which polluted both soil and groundwater beneath the site. Quarterly groundwater monitoring commenced at the site in September 1997 after the installation of five groundwater monitoring wells, and continued until site closure.  In January 2005, E2C Remediation was selected as the new consultant for the site and installed two extraction wells for a dual phase extraction test.

A dual phase extraction remedial system was installed and ran from January 2007 through June 2009. During this time, it is estimated that the remedial system was succesful in removing more than 90,000 gallons of polluted groundwater and about 32,000 pounds of petroleum hydrocarbons.  Subsequent groundwater sampling and soil vapor surveys revealed that only relatively low hydrocarbon concentrations remain in groundwater, and are expected to attenuate below water quality objectives by 2020.  Contaminants remaining in soil beneath the site are unlikely to pose a threat to human health, according to the State Water Board.  As a result, the Water Board granted closure to the site on March 10, 2011.