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26900 Bear Valley Road – Tehachapi


The historic town of Tehachapi

26900 Bear Valley Road hosts an operating gas station.  In August 1998, three gasoline Underground Storage Tanks, one waste oil Underground Storage Tank, two multi-product dispensers, and the associated piping were removed from the site.  Significant concentrations of fuel hydrocarbons were discovered in groundwater a a result of testing during thee removals.  A total of 19 groundwater monitoring wells were thereafter installed.

In 2001, E2C Remediation was hired to take over the environmental remediation of the site.  Beginning January 2003, both on-site and of-site remediation system elements were installed, and a Vapor Extraction/Groundwater Air Sparging System was operated.  Between January 2003-August 2005, 86,378 pounds of fuel hydrocarbons were removed from the site.

In 2005, high vacuum extraction (HVE) was begun on the site to assist with remediation, and from July 2008-June 2011 HVE with hydrogen peroxide injections was performed in limited hot wells.  Remediation was discontinued in 2011, and post-remediation groundwater monitoring was started.

On October 29 2012, in response to the E2C’s 2nd Quarter 2012 Groundwater Monitoring Report, the Water Board outlined the tasks necessary for final consideration of Closure under the then recently implemented Low-Threat Closure Policy.

In April 2013, E2C, having completed all of the necessary tasks, issued its Soil Gas Survey, Human Health Risk Assessment, and Conceptual Site Model Report.

On July 17, 2013, the Water Board concurred with the requested for closure, and requested well destruction.

On February 10, 2014, the Water Board issued its Case Closure letter.