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202 East Main St – Grass Valley

201 E Main St - Google Maps

The former fueling station has been replaced with a road and new building.

202 East Main Street in Grass Valley CA is the site of a former fueling station.  In 1998 the product lines and dispensers at the site were removed as part of a station upgrade.  At this time it was found that the soil and groundwater beneath the site had been impacted by hydrocarbons.  In the following years, several monitoring wells were installed in and around the site and, and groundwater was sampled quarterly.  In 2002, three underground storage tanks and associated dispenser lines were removed from beneath the site.  Between 2002 and 2004, the buildings associated with the fueling station were demolished, and the city of Grass valley constructed a road through the former site. In September 2004, E2C was selected as the new consultant for the site.  A Workplan to implement a high-vacuum groundwater extraction (HVE) system at the site was submitted to the State Water Board by E2C in April, 2005, and was approved shortly thereafter.  HVE operations began in May of 2005 and continued through 2009.  A No Further Action Request Report was submitted by E2C in April 2009 due to drastically reduced contamination levels at the site.  The State Water Board concurred with this request in December of the same year, stating that remediation activities at the site had mitigated the majority of subsurface contaminants at the site, and that remaining concentrations were too low to pose a threat.