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11638 Donner Pass Rd – Truckee


Part of the Vapor Extraction/Groundwater Air Sparging system

The site at 11638 Donner Pass Rd in Truckee CA used to be a fueling facility with three underground storage tanks (USTs) used for gasoline and diesel storage.  Additionally, two smaller USTs were used to store waste oil and heating oil.  The USTs were removed in 2002, and based on soil and groundwater samples taken during removal it was apparent that the tanks and associated plumbing had been leaking into the subsurface environment.

Plumas Bank

Plumas Bank at the former site

In 2004, E2C was selected as the new consultant for the site.  After approval from the state, E2C installed twelve groundwater air sparge wells and four horizontal vapor extraction wells.  By 2008, groundwater analytical data had indicated that volatile and hydrocarbon pollution beneath the site was no longer present.  Remedial actions by E2C were successful in removing over 1,400 lbs of total fuel hydrocarbons from beneath the site. In 2009 the State Water Board issued a No Further Action Required letter confirming the completion of remediation activities at the site.  Shortly after it was shown that the subsurface environment was no longer contaminated, a Plumas Bank was constructed on the site.