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Soil/Groundwater Remediation

E2C has over 30 years of experience performing soil and groundwater remediation, and can assist you in successfully navigating California’s regulatory remediation maze.

No matter the cause of your contamination, E2C can handle the remediation. E2C will spend the time to properly characterize the extent and type of your contamination at the beginning of the job. This will allow us to prepare a specific plan to remediate the contamination, and monitor the remediation to insure maximum progress is being made at all times. E2C has experience in free product removal, soil vapor extraction, dual phase vapor and groundwater extraction, bioremediation and groundwater air sparging. And, E2C has achieved closure on over 500 sites in California, Arizona, Idaho and Nevada.


Civil & Geological Engineering

E2C has experienced, licensed civil and geotechnical engineers who have proven track records in designing effective, cost-efficient solutions to the toughest of problems.

E2C’s professional staff includes a California Professional Geologist, a California Certified Engineering Geologist, and a Registered Civil Engineer, each of whom have over 30 years of experience in his field. This depth and expanse of experience allows E2C to tackle all manners of contamination in all manners of geology. Whether your site is located in the mountains, in the foothills, or in the valley, E2C can design a plan that will resolve your contamination problem. E2C also has personnel certified to perform civil engineering and environmental management in the State of Nevada, and is licensed to perform civil engineering services in the State of Arizona



E2C’s licensed professionals have years of experience providing advice to clients, and vast experience providing expert witness testimony in legal matters.

Whether you need advice in response to a directive received from a regulatory agency, an expert to provide testimony and/or support on behalf of a client in an environmental legal matter, or just need guidance in how to apply for California’s Underground Storage Tank Fund, E2C is here to assist. E2C has worked with every level of governmental regulators throughout the State of California, from city officials to county officials to the Regional Water Boards to the State Water Board, and can assist you in providing a proper response. E2C’s President, Philip Goalwin, has provided expert testimony and support in dozens of legal matters over the last two decades. And, E2C has worked on hundreds of cases that were involved with the California Underground Storage Tank Fund, and can assist you with that process.


Tank Removals

Need your underground tanks removed? E2C is also a licensed contractor and has performed dozens of tank pulls.

E2C is a licensed A, HAZ contractor in the State of California, and has vast experience performing underground tank removals in an efficient manner. We will work with you and the local permitting agencies to insure that your tank removal is scheduled around your needs and is properly performed.


Analytical Testing Services

E2C Remediation owns and operates its own analytical testing laboratory, ProVera.

E2C is able to streamline the analytical testing of soil and water samples by owning and operating its own State of California certified analytical testing laboratory, ProVera (DHS Certification #2606).  By operating its own laboratory, E2C can save you time and money by eliminating the need to send soil and water samples to an outside analytical company.  ProVera is a top-notch laboratory, and has been awarded a Certification of Excellence from ERA for achieving 100% acceptable data in evaluating volatiles.