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Busy Bee Dry Cleaners in Lodi, California

Posted January 6, 2015

E2C Remediation Clean-Up

TEST In November of 2000, due to alleged dumping of dry cleaning solvents by previous local area businesses, the City of Lodi and the Eastern District of California filed a lawsuit in federal court ordering cleanup at the former Busy Bee dry cleaners site. The lawsuit went to a settlement in 2005, with the Defendants placing $475,000 into a trust with the purpose of cleaning up the site, and E2C Remediation was awarded a Pay for Performance contract to undertake the site cleanup.

E2C installed two separate remediation system compounds and several air sparge wells, groundwater monitoring wells, and extraction wells because of the wide contamination plume (spreading over almost 3 city blocks). Following E2C’s remediation strategy, the Central Valley Regional Quality Control Board issued a No Further Action Determination on June 2, 2014. The Control Board found that E2C had “satisfactorily completed remedial actions and has achieved the applicable remedial action standards and objective for the site.” More Information