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Leona Heights Sulfur Mine

E2C Remediation Clean-Up From as early as 1900 through the 1920s, the Leona Heights Sulfur Mine operation was mining pyrite from the sites bedrock and used to manufacture sulfuric acid. Natural water flowing over and through the mining waste subsequently …

Busy Bee Dry Cleaners in Lodi, California

E2C Remediation Clean-Up TEST In November of 2000, due to alleged dumping of dry cleaning solvents by previous local area businesses, the City of Lodi and the Eastern District of California filed a lawsuit in federal court ordering cleanup at …

26900 Bear Valley Road, Tehachapi.

E2C Remediation Clean-Up Three gasoline Underground Storage Tanks (one waste oil Underground Storage Tank, two multi-product dispensers, and the corresponding piping) were removed from an operating gas station in Tehachapi in August of 1998. As a result of testing during …

Leona Heights

Work has begun at the Leona Heights Sulfur Mine Remediation Project!   The Leona Heights Sulfur Mine operated at the site from about 1900 through the 1920s where pyrite (an iron sulfide ore) was mined from volcanic bedrock and used …

Soil/Groundwater Remediation

E2C has over 25 years of experience performing soil and groundwater remediation, and can assist you in successfully navigating California’s regulatory remediation maze.

Civil & Geological Engineering

E2C has experienced, licensed civil and geotechnical engineers who have proven track records in designing effective, cost-efficient solutions to the toughest of problems.


E2C’s licensed professionals have years of experience providing advice to clients, and vast experience providing expert witness testimony in legal matters.

Tank Removals

Need your underground tanks removed? E2C is also a licensed contractor and has performed dozens of tank pulls.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Complete environmental remediation for gas stations, dry cleaner sites, fuel spills, and all other hydrocarbon cleanup. We can also remove your damaged or outdated tanks and hazardous waste.