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Who We Are

Our History

E2C Remediation, a full service environmental remediation company, and its predecessor entity has performed soil and groundwater remediation services, construction services and consulting services throughout the State of California for over 25 years.

E2C is headquartered in Rocklin, California, but has personnel in both Northern and Southern California, and currently performs services at locations from Lake Tahoe to San Diego.

E2C is led by an experienced team of geological and civil engineering professionals, the senior members of which each have over 25 years of experience in the industry. E2C has personnel certified to perform civil engineering and environmental management in the States of California and Nevada, and is also licensed to perform civil engineering services in the State of Arizona. E2C also provides an experienced staff of field technicians who go above and beyond the necessary level of care at each site.

How We’re different

Bucking the trend of narrow specialization, and the need to hire several entities to perform all of the services necessary on one project, E2C is truly a full service company. In addition to its vast and varied professional experience, E2C is a licensed A, HAZ contractor; and, through its ProVera Analytical Laboratory, Inc. division, owns and operates a California fully certified analytical testing laboratory. These services allow E2C to enjoy efficiencies that can be passed on directly to the client.

E2C is also a small, family-owned company that treats its clients as being a part of the family, and not just a number. By choosing to operate at its current size, E2C is able to provide focused attention on each client and each project.


Our Team

Philip Goalwin

President, E2C Remediation

Principal Geologist (M.S. Geology; B.S. Chemical Engineering);

California Professional Geologist #4779


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Debbie Goalwin

President, Pro Vera Analytical Laboratory, Inc;

(B.A./B.S. Business Administration);

Corporate Administrator, E2C Remediation

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Aiguo Xu

Principal Engineer

(Ph.D Hydrogeology; M.S. Engineering Geology/Hydrogeology);

California Registered Civil Engineer CE 072685;

Nevada Registered Civil Engineer CE 016262;

Nevada Certified Environmental Manager EM-1815;

Nevada State Water Rights Surveyor SWRS-1145

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Peter J. Castro

Senior Engineering/Project Geologist;

(B.S. Geology);

California Certified Engineering Geologist #1993;

Nevada Certified Environmental Manager #1058

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Daniel Hidalgo

Senior Hydrogeologist

Senior Hydrogeologist

(B.S. Geology/Hydrogeology)

California Certified Hydrogeologist #859

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Guanzhen Ji

Laboratory Director

(M.S. Chemistry)

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Douglas Selby

Senior Laboratory Analyst

(B.S. Chemistry)

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Michael George

General Counsel

(J.D. (1998);

B.A. Economics) and Manager, Roseville Office

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